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Spring Framework for Java Developers

Developing enterprise applications using a lightweight container is nowadays a current trend a lot of developers have adopted, due to its simplification and uncompromising capability. This course gives an introduction to the features of Spring framework, one of well known lightweight containers.

While focusing on explaining the rationale behind the concept and implementation, the course also provides a number of exercises to demonstrate how to apply Spring to application development.


After this course attendants should be able to

  • Understand the basic concept and the features of Spring framework
  • Understand the concept of inversion of control in Spring
  • Understand Spring AOP
  • Understand Spring DAO for JDBC
  • Understand transaction management in Spring
  • Apply these concepts to application development


Java Developers


  • Java Programming
  • Good understanding in Object-Oriented concept
  • Some experience in SQL and database


3 Days

Course style

Lecture and workshop

Software Testing

Understanding of the role of testing and ability to select and apply the appropriate testing technique at each stage of the development life-cycle.