The ideal is to share knowledge from People Learning And then Teach to all of Us.

PLATU Knowledge Management

People Change, Knowledge Stay.


Knowledge Management is developed to support and enhance the organizational processes of knowledge creation, storage/retrieval, transfer, and application. Knowledge Management is commonly used to complement a help desk or for sharing information among employees within the organization or business unit.


It might store troubleshooting information, articles, white papers, user manuals, or answers to frequently asked questions. Typically, a search engine is used to locate information in the system, Or users may browse through a classification scheme.


Provide tool for knowledge sharing across organization. Be able to manage company knowledge base.

Provide immediate support. Better & Faster Customer Support and problem resolution, 24 x 7 Web customer self service.

Provide self-service web help desk. Reduce Operational Costs by reduces call volume allowing existing support representatives to serve more customers.

Reduce repeat support requests.

Customer care improvement. Staff takes appropriate measures in time after receives feedback information.

Customer support costs decreasing. Customers receive problem resolution information from web based Knowledge base software without staff involvement.

Staff is able to find or receive necessary information faster. All staff learn lessons from somebody else?s mistakes or successes.

Decision-making process improvement. Decisions are being made not subjectively but more objectively.

Employees and departments avoiding re-inventing the wheel, reducing redundant work, and work more efficiently.

Information networks and communication facilities allow consolidation of staff members and groups, including ones from remote location.

Retention of intellectual property, Centralized & Retained Employee Knowledge. Prevent knowledge from leaving when an employee leaves.

Reduce overhead employee training time. Gain ability for new and existing employees to acquire job knowledge faster, reducing Training time and providing higher job quality.

Knowledge accumulation and usage is a key to business success. Go on and provide your employees, partners, and customers with the knowledge management they require to do business better.

Provide your customers with access to full information about your products, about the company and terms of service. Receive feedback from your clients with suggestions, questions and thanks to improve the quality of service.

Provide students with centralized knowledge base with courses and learning aids. Students can participate in courses creation and improvement process.


  • Data collection and Be able to Attached file.
  • Fulltext Search, Advance Search, Directory.
  • Support My view and Favorite.
  • User Admin, User Group Admin, User/Password admin. Provide security and user management.
  • Statistic which could be used for analysis and planing further.
  • Easy setup and configuration.
  • Unlimited users, and contents.
  • RSS feed, this feature help notify users when there is a new post in the system.
  • Email this, provide the channel for users to forward what they found to colleague .
  • Easy setup attached file and picture directory.
  • CAPTCHA support, system provide function to block spam by utilize
  • Google Map support, users be able to provide information on the topic and locate on the map.
  • Vocab filter help filter black words or prohibited words.

  • Ban IP Address.
  • Ban Email account.
  • Comment Removal.
  • User Removal.
  • Support E-Learning, provide vdo streaming, quiz engine, etc…. (Optional)
  • Easily Accessible on your Corporate Intranet or Web Site.
  • Industry Standard Architecture (Any DB, App Server, Java, Opensource)
  • No Additional Hardware Required (can typically be installed on existing servers)
  • Utilizes Existing IT skills with minimal need for re-training
  • User Roles Management: allows customizable user roles so you can Define what your users can and cannot do
  • Rating System : Ability for web users to rate an article on its helpfulness
  • Voting System : Ability for web users to vote a comment on its helpfulness.

  • Multiple Language Capability: Ability to create knowledge bases in different languages.
  • Encourage Involvement & Feedback with point system.
  • Completely Web Based Online Customer Support Software – Only a Web
  • Browser is needed to administer & use the system
  • Use various ways to read articles. Except plain browsing of the knowledge base and reading the articles as is, it is also possible to subscribe by RSS or email, Print printer-friendly version of article, And share interesting article with friends in few clicks.
  • Rich Internet applications development with fully Java web application. PLATU uses Ajax technology and Web 2.0 trends in full, providing high acceleration, greatly increasing functional capabilities, and having fine-tuning potential for use in any data domain, in any context, and in any format.
  • With Java technology the application can deploy on any java application server, any OS.

Operating system